Weekly Reflection: 7th Sunday in OT

SEVENTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME February 18-19, 2017 Breaking Bread Hymnal – pg. 70      Jesus knows his ideas will stretch the understanding, even the tolerance of his listeners.  “You have heard that it was said, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.  But I say […]

Weekly Reflection: 6th Sunday in OT

REFLECTION – Sixth Sunday In Ordinary Time February 11-12, 2017               On March 4, 1865 President Lincoln gave his second Inaugural Address to a nation on the verge of victory.  A little over a month later, Lee would surrender at Appomattox and for all intents and purposes, the American […]

Weekly Reflection: 5th Sunday in OT

Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time February 4 and 5, 2017             One of the recurring themes in Jesus’ ministry is the idea that we are called to be the light of the Holy Spirit present in the world. We are called, as believers in Jesus’ message, to be the source […]

Weekly Reflection: 4th Sunday in OT

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time January 28/29, 2017 BB p. 62 We live in an age whose characteristics are in stark contrast to Jesus’ message. Athletes and celebrities are praised for salaries that demand multi-million dollar contracts;  the rich and famous are held up for our emulation; corporate “downsizing” is […]