Development Committee

Vision Statement
God calls us, the members of St. Francis de Sales Catholic Parish, to be a welcoming, worshiping, caring community of faith, hope and love, through His Spirit the Lord Jesus lives in us and reaches into the world with His saving message and healing love.

Purpose of the Committee: Connecting those with the god given means of giving with the needs of the Parish and community. As a standing committee, helps the Parish carry out Strategic Planning related to assuring fiscal health through philanthropy and development.

Scope of work for the Development Committee:

  • Through the planning process: establishes the charitable contributions goals for the annual budget; devises the annual fund development plan for action
  • Devises, recommends, and executes philanthropy and fund development policies
  • Establishes task forces to carry out specific fund development activities. Monitors task force performance.
  • Helps the Pastor articulate the case for philanthropic support directed at specific audiences.
  • Helps nurture a culture of philanthropy throughout the Parish and assures that all donations of time and money are respected and honored.
  • Assures that the Pastor and Council members are adequately educated about the basic principles and best practices in fund development, including the design of a donation-centered organization.
  • Reviews results and evaluates return on investment (ROI) compared to plan. Identifies trends and implications and engages the Pastor in strategic dialogue and decision-making regarding philanthropy and fund development.

Strategic Objectives

  • Be a beacon in supporting short, mid, and long-term “Capital” funding efforts in supporting Parish mission
  • Lead and support a Parish “Community” conducive to perpetual giving
  • Increase Parish support annually
  • Measure progress/efforts (numbers tell the story, if we are wise enough to look beyond the surface)

Phase I (crawl)

  • Re-Establish a Development Committee
  • Establish Core team of team of individuals with diverse skills (financial, fund raising, management, HR, etc.)
  • Determine needs & priorities
  • Identify short, mid, and long-term fundraising efforts

Phase II (walk)

  • Prioritize efforts
  • Establish teams to solve priorities
  • Generate plans
  • Ensure success
  • Expand Build on success

Phase III (run)

  • Expand on Successes
  • Build perpetual infrastructure
  • Continuously fine tune programs