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Weekly Reflection 12/8/19

The Story of Our Lady of Guadalupe                 The feast in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe (December 12) goes back to the 16th century. A poor Indian named Cuauhtlatohuac was baptized, and given the name Juan Diego. He was a 57-year-old widower, and lived in a small village near […]

From the Deacon’s Desk 12/8/19

Dear Friends: Today is the 2nd Sunday of Advent. I hope that we are including some time to spend with the Lord during this very busy period. Our reading from Matthew 3:1-12 has a very interesting underlying theme. Matthew is a convert to Christianity. There is a good possibility that […]

Weekly Reflection 12/1/19

REFLECTION THE FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT November 3-December 1, 2019  “The Season of Advent”       t’s beginning to look a lot like Advent! Gone are the colorful decorations and green vestments of Ordinary Time. They have been replaced by the muted decorations of winter and vestments of purple. This four […]

From the Deacon’s Desk 12/1/19

Dear Friends: I can’t believe a whole year has gone by! It seems like only yesterday we were lighting the Advent candle and listening to the Scripture readings for the first Sunday of Advent. When I was a young boy, Advent was a time when we fasted and prayed as […]

Weekly Reflection 11/24/19

REFLECTION Our Lord Jesus Christ, King Of The Universe Sunday November 23-24, 2019      Today we celebrate the feast of Our Lord Jesus Christ: King of the Universe. Yet, the description of Jesus in today’s gospel is far from that of our usual idea of a king. Instead of sitting […]

From the Deacon’s Desk 11/24/19

Dear Friends: Today is the feast of Christ the King of the Universe. This feast was instituted by Pope Pius XI in 1925 for the universal church in his encyclical Quas Primas. This encyclical and the feast were promulgated by Pope Pius because many Christians (including Catholics) doubted Christ’s authority […]

Weekly Reflection 11/17/19

REFLECTION Thirty-Third Sunday of Ordinary Time November 16-17, 2019      Our liturgical year is about to end and the Church presents the “parusia” to us (the second coming of Christ), while at the same time the Church wants us to think of our last days: death, judgment, hell or heaven. […]

From the Deacon’s Desk 11/17/19

Dear Friends: Today’s Gospel comes from Luke 21:5-19. It’s a very interesting story where Jesus is talking about the end of the world. If you remember, Jesus continually told us that his kingdom was not of this world. Jesus, of course, was always concerned with the day-to-day life of God’s […]

Weekly Reflection 11/10/19

  REFLECTION 32nd Sunday In Ordinary Time November 10, 2019        No one escapes the sting of death, whether death comes to us through the loss of those we love, broken relationships, illness, job loss, or our own inevitable death. We are born with an innate tendency for life. […]

From the Deacon’s Desk

Dear Friends: Our first reading today comes from the 2nd book of Maccabees 7:1-2, 9-14. This is an Old Testament book written approximately 161 B. C. It’s very interesting that it has nothing to do with the first book of Maccabees. It stands on its own. The main thrust of […]