Church Updates

Weekly Reflection 4/21/19

Easter Sunday April 20 and 21, 2019          Alleluia! Resurrexit sicut dixit! He has risen as he said, rejoice and be glad, but why? Jesus rose from the dead over two thousand years ago and to many people in our cynical twenty-four-hour news cycle and internet world the response is […]

From the Deacon’s Desk 4/21/19

Dear Friends: HE IS RISEN ALLELUIA, HE IS RISEN ALLELUIA, ALLELUIA! Happy Easter! Today we celebrate one of the greatest feasts of our faith. We celebrate Jesus rising from the dead after being murdered on Good Friday. Jesus triumphs over all those who took advantage of him, who tortured him, […]

Weekly Reflection 4/14/19

REFLECTION Palm Sunday April 13-14, 2019 Entering Holy Week, we do so knowing full well what lies ahead. We also have experienced how quickly humans can take light and goodness and snuff them out for our own benefit.  Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a wave of hosannas, palm fronds, and […]

From the Deacon’s Desk 4/14/19

Dear Friends: The Passion account we hear today is from the Gospel of Luke 22:14 to 23:56. It is a very long Gospel that was written well after most of the disciples of Jesus had passed away. The audience Luke is writing to consists of mostly Gentiles. Luke does a […]

Weekly Reflection 4/7/19

REFLECTION Fifth Sunday of Lent April 6-7, 2019                 In sharing a “Best Lent Ever” message with my wife, a question was posed, “Who are you?”  Ironically, a similar question was discussed in our Alpha Lent small group a few days later.  While I have had many titles and roles […]

From the Deacon’s Desk 4/7/19

Dear Friends: Today’s Gospel reading is from John 11: 1-45. It’s the famous story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. Martha, Mary and Lazarus are good friends of Jesus. They are fairly well-to-do living about two miles from Jerusalem. “Mary was the one who had anointed the Lord with […]

Weekly Reflection 3/31/19

REFLECTION Fourth Sunday of Lent March 30-31, 2019 At the beginning of today’s gospel parable, two young men make very different life choices. The older son chooses a life of obedience to his father, while the younger son prematurely demands his inheritance and, leaving home, spends all he was given […]

Weekly Reflection 3/24/19

REFLECTION Third Sunday of Lent March 23-24, 2019 “Remove the sandals from your feet, for the place where you stand is holy ground.” God speaks to Moses from the burning bush. He introduces himself to Moses by providing his name and some background information as to his identity.  God communicates […]

From the Deacon’s Desk 3/24/19

Dear Friends: Today we hear from the gospel of John 4:5 – 42. This is actually the reading from Year A instead of Year C. We are using Year A because the readings align more readily to the journey our Elect and Catechumens are on as they progress toward full […]