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From The Deacon’s Desk for May 29, 2022

Dear Friends: Today we celebrate Jesus going back to heaven after his sojourn here on earth. We will hear from two books of the New Testament. The first is Acts of the Apostles 1:1-11. The second is the Gospel reading from Luke 24:46-53. The two readings today tell about Jesus’ ascension […]

Weekly Reflections for May 29, 2022

THE ASCENSION OF THE LORD As I look back on the past twelve years of my life, I think about all that has changed. Whether it was repainting our bright yellow kitchen walls, getting    braces, or my brother moving out, I have always struggled with change and have tried to resist it, […]

Reflexiones Semanales del 29 de Mayo de 2022

LA ASCENSIÓN DEL SEÑOR Cuando miro hacia atrás en los últimos doce años de mi vida, pienso en todo lo que ha cambiado. Ya sea repintando las paredes de nuestra cocina de color amarillo brillante, colocando aparatos ortopédicos o mi hermano mudándose, siempre he luchado con el cambio y he […]