Weekly Reflections for May 29, 2022


As I look back on the past twelve years of my life, I think about all that has changed. Whether it was repainting our bright yellow kitchen walls, getting    braces, or my brother moving out, I have always struggled with change and have tried to resist it, but to no avail. Amidst all this change, there has been one unfaltering constant: the church. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that faith is ever-changing. Our faith grows alongside us. With all the chaos going on in our lives, it’s important now more than ever to know that God is with us always. I just finished my last week of high school and am excited but terrified to see what the future has in store for me.   However, I plan on continuing to strengthen my faith at college and can’t wait to see what new friends and opportunities it creates for me. 

Many people don’t consider faith to be a priority anymore as they go to college and move forward in life. Personally, I cannot imagine a life without my Lord; I am always talking to God and praying for guidance. When I’m lost, I turn to Him to lead me toward the right path. Although the unknown can be scary, we may seek comfort in knowing that we will always have the love of our God and of our community to fall back on.

As we journey into the unknown or face changes in our lives let us take comfort in the words of Jesus that we hear at every mass,” Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you.” Filled with His peace, there is nothing to fear and reason to be anxious for our Lord is always with us.  

– Amanda R. Traube