Deacon’s Desk

From the Deacon’s Desk 5/31/2020

Dear Friends: Today we celebrate the feast of Pentecost. In the first reading we hear from Luke’s Acts of the Apostles 2: 1–11. Luke depicts what happened 50 days after Easter. “And suddenly there came from the sky a noise like a strong driving wind, and it filled the entire […]

From the Deacon’s Desk 5/24/2020

Dear Friends: Today we celebrate the feast of the Ascension. This feast used to be celebrated on the Thursday after the 6th Sunday of Easter. It was decided to move it “So that it may be celebrated on  Sunday, ‘the foremost holy day of obligation in the universal Church’ [Canon […]

From the Deacon’s Desk 5/17/2020

Dear Friends: Today is the 6th Sunday of Easter and we hear from Acts of the Apostles chapter 8 and John’s Gospel    chapter 14. In Acts we hear of Philip doing missionary work in Samaria. When the people realize what Philip is doing they accept the word of God readily. […]

From the Deacon’s Desk 5/3/2020

Dear Friends: Today our Gospel story is from John 10:1-10. This is an agricultural story that talks about the relationship between sheep or followers and their shepherd the leader. Sheep are dependent upon the shepherd. They have a hard time finding food or water without a shepherd to lead them […]

From the Deacon’s Desk 4/26/2020

Dear Friends: Today we hear from the Gospel of Luke 24:13-35. Two of Jesus’ disciples were walking to a village called Emmaus about seven miles from Jerusalem. They were discussing what happened to Jesus and how the Romans and Jewish leadership had him put to death. As they are walking, […]

From the Deacon’s Desk 4/19/2020

Dear Friends: Today is the 2nd Sunday of Easter. This Sunday is also designated as “Divine Mercy.” The mercy that God has for us is much more profound than anything we can imagine. God’s mercy is so great that no matter how much we have sinned or what sin we […]

From the Deacon’s Desk 4/5/2020

Dear Friends: Today we listen to the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ according to Matthew 26:14 – 27:66. It is a very long and sad Gospel. It is also very meaningful and always gives me cause for reflection and prayer. Everyone deserts Jesus except for “Mary Magdalene and Mary […]

From the Deacon’s Desk 3-29-2020

Dear Friends: Today we hear from the Gospel of John (11:1-45) once again. Lazarus, Mary and Martha were brother and sisters. Jesus is a two-day journey away and Martha sends word to Jesus, “Master the one you love is ill.” When Jesus hears this he says to his disciples, “This […]

From the Deacon’s Desk 3/22/2020

Dear Friends: Today we hear from John’s Gospel 9:1-41, the story of the man born blind. There is a tremendous amount going on in this very famous Gospel. It would be impossible to cover everything in a homily or in a short article like this. We will look at just […]

From the Deacon’s Desk 3/15/2020

Dear Friends: Today we are treated to one of the more famous stories in the Gospels! John 4:5-42 is the story of the day Jesus meets the Samaritan woman at the well. Samaritans and Jews were enemies. When the Assyrians invaded and conquered Samaria they did something that rarely happens. […]