Weekly Reflections for September 11, 2022

“Teacher of Faith”

If someone were to ask you – “Who is the Teacher of Faith?” – you would probably answer – “Jesus” and you would be correct. During His ministry, Jesus makes it clear that He is not here to change the law but to deepen our understanding of the law. Through His parables, He emphasized the importance of caring for the sick, the widows and the orphans. He helped us understand that God the Father knows the intentions in our hearts that we should practice justice, faith, and mercy.

The dilemma in today’s world is that we are not able to see and hear Jesus face to face. He is not physically with us. So, who becomes the teacher of faith now? The answer is: We become the teachers of faith. We have an impressive curriculum guide – the Bible – to teach others to live as Jesus has taught. We hear the readings/homily at every Mass. We know what it means to “BE” a follower of Christ.

Moms, dads, grandparents, godparents are our first teachers of faith. Later there are teachers, catechists and other church leaders who help guide us on our spiritual journey. Teaching others is a job for every Catholic by doing the everyday things in extraordinary ways, such as smiling at the stranger we pass on the street, letting someone in front of us when we are standing in line or driving on the road, saying a prayer for the angry salesperson who just waited on us. The list could go on forever!

These actions help us become better Christians and in turn better people. One important reminder – actions need to be performed for the right reason. How? This is accomplished by doing the ordinary things in extraordinary ways with love, justice, and mercy. Oh, and do not forget, Jesus prayed everyday to become a great teacher. Are we following His example? Are we taking to heart at the end of every Mass when we are commissioned to go out and preach the gospel to love and serve one another?

Angie Rebbert