Weekly Reflections for April 23, 2023

“Our Emmaus Journey”

Each of us is on a journey.  The destination that we are trying to reach is heaven – eternal happiness with God.  Jesus has already made this journey and shown us the way.  But sometimes we get lost or discouraged.  Sometimes we may want to give up or give in to the temptations all around us.  It is then that we most need to look beside us for a companion on the journey.  That companion is always with us, but we can only encounter him if we step back from all the busyness of life in order to hear his voice and feel his presence. 

Our companion, Jesus, sometimes speaks to us through the Scriptures, so it is good to make a habit of reading and reflecting on God’s word in the Bible.  Sometimes Jesus speaks to us through other people, so it is good to discuss our concerns with others who share our destination.  Sometimes Jesus speaks to us through prayer, so it is good to set aside time for prayer each day.

But it is important to remember that Jesus can only speak to us if we are listening.  And it is difficult to listen to all the distractions of daily life.   Like the disciples on the journey to Emmaus, we need to clear away the distractions and let Jesus in.  We need to be receptive to his direction and instruction.  Then, our eyes will be opened, and we will recognize that Jesus is indeed beside us.  And our hearts will burn within us and give us new vigor to continue the journey because, at the journey’s end, we will rest in the company of Jesus for all eternity. – Kathy Foehrkolb

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