Weekly Reflections for October 2, 2022

Fall is here! The air is getting crisper, the leaves a bit more colorful, and preparations underway for the cooler months ahead. Today we celebrate the Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time. In the Gospel reading from Luke (17:5-10), Jesus was confronted by the Apostles, who demanded a stronger faith. And in a few words, Our Lord indicated that their walk of faith was just beginning.

Christ continued with the parable of the Attitude of a Servant. In this, He let it be known to His Apostles that faith is manifested in the thoughts, words, and deeds that He commands of them…and us. By loving God and neighbor, by performing works of mercy, and by supporting one another in our journey of faith, we may do what is pleasing to Our Lord.

Pray for faith in the Church! Strengthen our brothers and sisters in acts of love and support. And accomplish the mission Jesus has given us on this day. Consider volunteering for one of our many ministries in the parish. Set your faith alight!

The Catechism teaches us:

910 “The laity can also feel called, or be in fact called, to cooperate with their pastors in the service of the ecclesial community, for the sake of its growth and life. This can be done through the exercise of different kinds of ministries according to the grace and charisms which the Lord has been pleased to bestow on them.

  • Chris Brooks