Weekly Reflections for July 24, 2022

Where do I find God?

The simple answer is the one that I learned when I was in elementary school – God is everywhere.  And that is actually where I find God – everywhere!

I find God’s warmth and beauty in a bright, sunny day

I find God’s renewing, nurturing care in a soft gentle rain

I find God’s awesome power in the flash of lightning and the roar of thunder

I find God’s enormity in the vastness of the ocean

I find God’s attention to detail in the intricate fashioning of each and every flower

I find God’s creative genius in the interconnectedness of all living things

I find God’s call to serve in the eyes of the lonely, the hungry, the desperate, the grieving

I find God’s gentle, loving compassion in the hands and voices and acts of kindness of my fellow men and women who take care of me when I am in need

I find God’s mercy and forgiveness in the words of Scripture and the sacrament of Reconciliation

I find God’s desire to be close to me and share in every aspect of my life in the sacrament of Holy Communion

I find God’s open ears and arms, his encouragement and comfort in prayer

I find God everywhere because that is where I look for him, and He has promised “Seek and you shall find.”

Where do you find God?