Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes – June 2016

St. Francis de Sales Pastoral Council

Meeting Minutes

JUNE 28, 2016

Attendees: Kathy Glover, Ray Traube, Sylvia Brokos, John Fisher, Sally Raphel, Viviana Cajigas, Rob Hardy ,Julie Lindner, William Bankert, Deacon Jim Sullivan and Fr. Jack Ward.

Absent: Erin Perkins, Carolyn Webster, Iris Hernandez, Mary Ann Palmer, Alice Long, and Fr. Jaime Garcia.

Order: Ray Traube brought the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Opening Prayer: The Embracing Our Mission – Shaping our Future prayer was said by all.

Approval of Minutes: The May minutes were approved.


Deacon Jim provided the initial update and Fr. Jack later supplemented the update when he returned to the meeting.

Deacon Jim: Seven or Eight people have volunteered to serve on the new Liturgy Committee.  Rob Henry’s wife has agreed to oversee the upkeep of the flowers and plants.  Meetings will begin in September.

Fr. Jack: Father reiterated that Liturgy Committee will resume in September but will meet less frequently than monthly. He also stated that it will serve as more of an environment committee.   Vacation Bible School is going very well and he is pleased with its success.


Connections:  No report.

Faith Formation: No report.

Latino Community: No report.

Liturgy:  No report.

Parish Life:  No report.


Service: Carolyn Webster provided her report by email:

     Our Daily Bread—89 casseroles.  Call Kathy Batdorf, 410-638-0883, if interested in volunteering.

     Outreach—for May, saw 147 clients, distributed 142 food bags, assisted 59 families financially. 


Stewardship: John Fisher reported that there was no facilities update.


Youth: Viviana Cajigas reported that the youth table at the Parish Yard Sale made over $900.00. She also reported that Vacation Bible School was going well.  Finally, Diane Lewis will be starting a new tradition for high school seniors who actively participated in the youth programs—she will be taking them to dinner to thank them for their contributions.


Summer Gathering: No report from Kathy Robinson. The Knights will provide hot dogs, burgers and rolls but after discussion, it was decided not to announce this unless asked directly.  The youth will provide the games and take care of clean up.

Jubilee Committee:  The Committee will resume meetings in August.


Budget: Deacon Jim provided copies of the budget summary. He discussed cost cutting measures across the parish and alerted the council to some needed repairs to the worship center air conditioning


Fr. Jack discussed improvements to the parking lot and explained that he was planning to use some of the parish money from the “Embracing Your Mission” Campaign.  He further explained that there was no way that the parish would be able to accomplish the original goals of the campaign as we did not reach our target amount in contributions and the original plans were too grandiose for the amount projected.  He also spoke about roof in the worship center needing repair as there is a hole and this will cost $7,000–$10,000.

John Fisher pointed out that if we were not going to use the funds from the campaign for the intended purpose, then we needed to advise the parish about the change in plans.  There was discussion about when  to do this and how Father Jack should present it.  Father Jack asked for talking points and it was decided to speak to the parish the weekend of October 15-16.

After these discussions, the budget was approved unanimously.

GOOD OF THE COUNSEL:   Kathy Glover asked about maintaining the recently installed brass rails.  No one had a definitive answer on what to do but Kathy was willing to assist as she wants to keep them looking new.



During May, SFDS Outreach saw 147 clients, provided 142 bags of food and financial assistance to 59 families.  Our Daily Bread collected 89 casseroles.

The Council thanks all of the volunteers, participants and parents for a very successful 2016 Vacation Bible School.

The Council encourages everyone to attend the Shadow Players latest production “What

Happened at Fulton Square.”

Closing Prayer:  Ray Traube led us in the closing prayer.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:19 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Sylvia Brokos





Good of the Council: Ray mentioned that he will be changing the agenda adding a section for New

The council would like to recognize Edible Arrangements in Box Hill for their continuing donations of fruit for the lunches provided by the parish.

St. Francis Outreach saw 160 clients, distributed 159 food bags and assisted 59 families financially during the combined month of April.

Closing prayer:

Deacon Jim led us in prayer and the meeting was ended with a Hail Mary.


Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Sylvia Brokos