Jubilee: Pastor & Deacon Interviews Part II

Pastor & Deacon Interviews Part II

Fr Chuck Wible 2007-2015: First Impression– SFDS was my first time as a pastor. It was a warm, welcoming place, a stable community. Worship Center with 1 entrance in & out helped me greet all.  This is truly a openhearted, comfortable community. Fondest Memories the music ministry, supportive staff, the youth community, diversity, opportunity for youth ministry. Most Impressed—The outreach and generosity to poor was very gratifying; By Youth Ministry combining Latino & Anglo members. Challenges–Learning to be a pastor, hired Beth M. as parish business manager. Did not speak Spanish with 300 Latino parish members; demands on time, and final transition hard to leave things not completed. Favorite Activities– Off-site picnics, priestly ministry & relationships forged. Most Admired Fr. Mike, close neighbor pastor, great counselor. Final Thought— I WAS BLSSED TO BE Pastor of SFDS!

Deacon Richard Stine &  Blanche 1984-2014: First Impression—SFDS was still Mission pasish in1962 with Fr. Wolfe’s rooms in back of Kilduff Hall; listening to Mass outside Church windows because Stone Chapel was so crowded. CCD in Quonset Hut, there were Donuts & Bisquits. We typed all bulletins. Fondest Memories: Small Community; Planned ministries & seminars Impressed Most— It was fun meeting people. Favorite Activities–Teaching CCD, visiting sick, performing  Marriages, Seder Meal (1st was for 38, last for 239), RCIA. Blanche working in office with Fr. Tom & was first Female Eucharistic Minister; Most Admired — Fr. Wolfe loved the children “our next generation”, started girl scouts, played Mandolin at First Communion. Final Thought–Everything we have done we’ve enjoyed & worked together.