Weekly Reflections for November 7, 2021

The Call Of The Lord

We are called to a vocation; be it parenthood, married, or single life. However, with November 7th through the 13th is National Vocation Awareness Week the Catholic Church promotes and celebrates the vocations for the priesthood, diaconate, and consecrated life. We are invited to participate through prayer, education, and support for those considering one of these vocations.

One of Prince Of Peace’s own, twenty-one-year-old Patrick Blasdell, is in the discernment process for the priesthood. Below are Patrick’s answers to questions that are frequently asked of someone contemplating religious life.

Q – When did you first think about being a priest?

A – I have thought about it on and off all my life.

Q – What caused you to think seriously about the priesthood?

A – Because I couldn’t stop thinking about it over the years.

Q – Was there a sign or a moment that stands out?

A – I was at a Catholic camp praying during Adoration when I felt a strong sense of being called.

Q – What did you do about it?

A – I spoke to a priest who was at the camp.

Q – Were you responsive to the call?

A – It depends on the time. At first, I was resistant but later I became more open to the idea. However, I

had no idea where to start.

Q – Did someone help you with that problem?

A – Yes. Fr. Jack got me in touch with the Vocation Office. Fr. Garcia spoke with me and helped me

better understand what it means to be a priest.

Q – What was the response from your family and friends?

A – My family and close friends were very supportive, as were my fellow parishioners.

Q – What did you do next?

A – I began the discernment process. I had dinner with Archbishop Lori with other men contemplating priesthood. I then attended introductory experiences with several Religious Orders.

Q – Where are you now in the process?

A – I’m still discerning. How long it will take and what is next for me is in God’s hands.

Q – Any advice for others who may be in the same place you once were?

A – 1. Pray. Before you can live your life for God you must have a relationship with Him.

A method of prayer I learned is called PAL ( Praise, Ask Listen ).

Praise – Spend some time thanking God.

Ask – Ask God for help in any area of need.

Listen – Quiet your heart and allow God to speak to you. This is a time to read scripture and

meditate upon its message.

  1. Know that it takes time to discern, sometimes years.
  2. Ask those close to you how they see you. God often speaks to us through others.
  3. Visit a seminary, convent, or monastery.
  4. Give yourself the opportunity to explore your feelings toward a religious vocation.
  5. Don’t put pressure on yourself. God will reveal His will for you if you let Him.

Like Elijah at the entrance of the cave waiting for the Lord to pass, we must not be distracted by the loud and fearful happenings of this world so our hearts can hear the whispering voice of God. If we have found our vocation let make time this week to pray for those who have not yet heard the call and for those who are now discerning their vocation.

“ O God, who enlightens the minds and inflames the hearts of the faithful by the Holy Spirit, grant that through the same Spirit I may know my true vocation in life, and may have the grace to follow it faithfully. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.”

– Patrick Blasdell & Patrick Perkins