Weekly Reflections for October 9, 2022

Faith in a Busy Life

Let’s be honest, we are all busy. Busy looks different for each of us, but we are all busy. For me, being busy is a full-time job, my two girls, all of their activities and appointments, an active social life, and a faith community life. But living my faith among all of my living can be a challenge.

Ultimately we have to make time in our busy lives for our faith, but that doesn’t mean it has to be one more big commitment. My commute home is about 25 minutes, which is long enough to pray my audio rosary. That time is enough to help me refocus and recharge and reconnect with my faith in a meaningful way. Making time in your day can be as simple as praying a rosary or chaplet of Divine Mercy while folding laundry or driving. It can be active participation and volunteerism during mass or other activities in the parish you attend. It can be listening to an audiobook or podcast while exercising. 

I challenge you, in your busy life, to find time to commit to your faith. Maybe I’ll get socks mated, one for each Hail Mary of the rosary.

  • Ashley Letsche