Weekly Reflections for April 2, 2023

It is Palm Sunday! Today we commemorate Jesus’ triumphal entrance into Jerusalem. Riding a humble donkey toward the holy city, disciples and strangers welcomed Him and laid palms on the road before Him. This was a sign of honor. In this way, we honor Him too with our palm leaves.

But think about it: Christ did not come to be lauded and praised. In fact, He was on a mission to save the world—to save us. Palm Sunday marks the start of Holy Week, the week that changed the world. Reading today in Matthew’s Gospel, we saw Jesus accept His Passion and Death for our sake.

Jesus did not want to die and really did not have to. He was holy before the universe was ever created. He is innocent and committed no crimes. He could have stayed in heaven with God the Father forever and never bothered with us. But He loves us too much for that.

More still, Jesus continues to work in His mission of salvation. He accepted death on the cross to make us holy. He did it to face the effects and to carry the weight of sin for us. He did it to save us from the punishment that comes with and from sin—death.

God made all creation holy. From the beginning, it was good. But one sin and the consequences of it have made the world a mess. Jesus is our hope. He is the solution to the world’s problems. As we begin Holy Week, pray and meditate on Christ’s Passion. In a unique way, it is a great gift to us.

Jesus gave us so many great gifts that week that remain today: the Mass, the Eucharist, a Spirit of loving service, and the grace to bear our crosses. He also gave us the Church so that we would always be with Him as a family. And He gave us the most important gift of all, the gift of life.

It was just over a month ago that we started Lent. How time flies! Soon, the glory of God will soon be upon us on Easter. But before we feast, let us fast and contemplate what Jesus did for us during that first Holy Week. Allow Him to make the world holy again, starting with you. In His love, we have so much to celebrate on Easter!

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