Weekly Reflection September 12, 2021

Make Time for Faith Formation

When we hear the term “faith formation,” we usually think of classes for children (CCD, Religious Education, Sunday School). Parents with young children know that in order to receive First Eucharist, First Reconciliation and Confirmation, they will need to attend classes. They make certain that they register their children for these classes.

Unfortunately, after they attend the classes for First Eucharist and First Reconciliation, many children stop participating in the faith formation program until it is time to prepare for Confirmation.

There are many reasons why children should continue.

Faith Formation:

  • Is an on-going process that begins with Baptism and continues until the day we take our last breath.
  • Is learning about God’s love for us and how to share that love with others.
  • Is finding ways to forgive others just as God forgives us.
  • Is searching for happiness and finding that it lies within our own hearts when we accept God’s plan for us.
  • Is discovering all of these at each stage of our lives.

Attending classes from K-8 and 2 years for Confirmation helps our children grow in their faith journey so they become healthy, spiritually-developed members of our parish. The continuity of the full program helps them to understand that having the Lord in their lives strengthens them to face the hurdles that will come their way.

One important concept adults need to fully grasp is this – faith formation is an on-going process that continues until the day we die. There are many opportunities offered at our parish. Because of COVID, we are unable to offer programs such as Alpha. However, please check our parish bulletin for adult faith formation opportunities: Forty Hour Devotion during Advent and Lent, Eucharistic Adorations, Stations of the Cross and more.

As Catholics, our baptismal call is to guide our young so they will come to know, love and serve our God.

–  Angie Rebbert