Weekly Reflection 5/3/2020


MAY 2-3, 2020


In this week’s gospel, Jesus tells us: “I am the gate. Whoever enters through Me will be saved.” The question is – how do we enter through Jesus in order to be saved?

Julian of Norwich tells us “Christ could not die any more, but he did not want to cease working; therefore he must … nourish us.” Jesus shared the bread with us so that we would have bread – bread that was sent by the Father from heaven – to sustain our souls. Every time we partake in receiving the Eucharist, Jesus nourishes our souls and our lives. But it doesn’t stop there – it is not enough to just attend Mass and receive Communion to be saved.

We are like the disciples who walked with Jesus on their way to Emmaus. After recognizing Jesus in the breaking of the bread, they hurried back to Jerusalem to share the news with others. What happened in Emmaus could not stay in Emmaus. We, like those disciples need to share what we experience in the breaking of the bread. It is more than just an action at Mass.

“We” are bread that is broken and sent out to be Christ in the world. “We” need to be voices for the voiceless, organizers for justice, chasers of evil and healers of wounds. Sharing a smile with the homeless, a kind welcome to an immigrant, providing food and clothing to the poor – these are one of the many ways “we” live by sharing in the Bread of Christ and entering heaven through Jesus.

“The last degree of love is when He gave Himself to us to be our Food; because He gave Himself to be united with us in every way.”          — St. Bernardine of Siena