From the Deacon’s Desk 5/3/2020

Dear Friends:

Today our Gospel story is from John 10:1-10. This is an agricultural story that talks about the relationship between sheep or followers and their shepherd the leader. Sheep are dependent upon the shepherd. They have a hard time finding food or water without a shepherd to lead them to such necessities. They have been known to die of thirst or hunger without a shepherd to guide them. They develop a very close relationship with their shepherd. They depend on him for everything.

When shepherds were raising their sheep it was not unusual for them to form a corral made into a circle by rocks. There was a section of the corral that was left open. This was so that sheep could enter or exit. During the night the Shepherd would lay across this opening. This was to keep wild animals out and keeping the sheep safely inside during the night.

In today’s reading, Jesus is chiding the Pharisees and Jewish leadership. They have not been good shepherds to their sheep (the Jewish people). Jesus tells us in the reading that he is the sheep gate. He is the Good Shepherd. Those who follow Jesus will be saved, and those who take advantage of people will meet a different end.

Jesus is our Good Shepherd! We need to follow Jesus if we want to be kept safe from the evil in our world. Jesus can help us fight those temptations that could be sinful and damage our relationship with God. He can help us to become closer to him every day. However, Jesus cannot do all himself. We have to listen to our Good Shepherd and live the life he wants us to. Jesus is willing to be our Shepherd; we must be willing to be his sheep.

Have faith and don’t give up! It is almost over! Pray that we will always have the courage through Jesus to  work through whatever life hands us!

Peace and All Good!

Deacon Jim