Weekly Reflection 5/31/2020


May 30-31, 2020

To the Confirmation Class of 2020


The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of our plans to change abruptly. No more graduations, no more school, proms and celebrations have been canceled and summer plans thrown into uncertainty.

Unfortunately, your confirmation mass has also been moved. The moment meant to celebrate your growth and spiritual development, as you’ve worked through the confirmation process for the past two years, your chance to re-introduce yourself to the Church, with a name you have chosen and of your own accord: that moment recedes a little further into the horizon.

But not permanently.

All your preparation does not flounder into meaninglessness just because the culmination is delayed. You have learned about your beliefs as a Catholic and how those beliefs may be contextualized into action. In ordinary times, you might be volunteering at an animal shelter, or helping with Mass as an altar server or greeter. Today, you find socially distant ways to serve your community. It might be donating to food pantries, checking on community members living alone, or as simple as avoiding unnecessary outings.

You have reached out to your sponsors in times of trouble or need during your journey. As we navigate this new and unfamiliar time, remember those who have supported you, in all avenues of life, and endeavor to extend a similar helping hand to them and others.

You have carefully chosen the name of a saint you connect with, who will walk with you and guide you for the rest of your life. Why wait to try and emulate their compassion, or kindness? The best time to begin has always been right now.

So, to the confirmation class of 2020: hang in there! You are prepared and capable young men and women. We are here for you now, and we’ll be there when it’s time (finally) for you to stand up and introduce yourselves as adults to the Bishop and to the Church.

-Isabel Sans