Weekly Reflection 4/5/2020



     For us this is the most important week of the year.  This year we will celebrate in a unique way.  While we cannot share these celebrations as a community in our churches, we can still celebrate as a parish family.  This week, let us imagine ourselves in Jerusalem with Jesus.  Do not just listen to and read the story; feel it.  Be a part of it with all your senses.

     Palm Sunday – Be swept up by the crowd that rushes from Jerusalem to see the miracle worker.  Imagine the palm branches being waived by the crowd as they shout ‘Hosanna.’  Feel the excitement.

                Monday – Be at the temple when Jesus rages at the money changers. Feel the tension in the air as Jesus confronts the establishment.

                Tuesday – Be with the group who listens to the preaching of this prophet.  See the Jewish leaders who are listening at the edge of the crowd.  Feel the power of Jesus and His message.

                Wednesday – Be in the marketplace as you overhear rumors of a conspiracy that Jesus will be betrayed by one of His own followers.  Feel the uneasiness as you contemplate the danger of being associated with this man.

                Thursday – Be in the upper room celebrating the Seder with the preacher from Nazareth; when Jesus deviates from the Jewish ritual and begins speaking of a new covenant in Him.  Feel the wonder and mystery of the moment.

                Friday – Be in the garden of Gethsemane when the armed mob descends upon Jesus. Feel the chaos and the terror.  Be in the courtyard of the high priest while Jesus is being interrogated.  Feel the helplessness of the situation.  Be in the crowd as you follow Jesus from Pilate to Golgotha.  Hear the ugly jeering mixed with sobs of despair.  See an exhausted, bloody Jesus, as He struggles under the weight of the cross.  Feel your heart break.

                Saturday – Be in the upper room again. Feel the desolation and utter hopelessness.

                Sunday at Dawn – Be at the empty tomb. Witness the incomprehensible miracle.  Feel the indescribable jubilation.  Rejoice!

     While we remember what happened almost 2,000 years ago, ours is a living faith.  Jesus’ gift of Himself in the Eucharist is given to us.  As is His call to us for discipleship.  Jesus ‘suffered, died, was buried and on the third day rose from the dead – For Us!

As a community of believers we celebrate these core beliefs of our faith during the upcoming days of Holy Week and Easter.  This year we will celebrate these liturgical services virtually.  Let us make this journey, apart physically, but together in faith.

                                                                                                                                                                                               Patrick J. Perkins