Weekly Reflection 4/12/2020

Easter Reflection


In the first few weeks that schools were closed because of the pandemic I, like many people, found a lot of time to walk. I’d walk with my dog, Winnie, every morning up around my court and back through the neighborhood.

 And in my walking, I discovered the woods. At the end of my court are some woods separating the neighborhoods of townhouses. A path has been worn by the many other intrepid hearts who had ventured into this little slice of remaining wilderness. And as my own heart is prone to adventure, Winnie and I went down the path. We had gone down it before, but this was different. I had time for it always. I began to visit each morning and explore – walk by the streams, sit on the rocks, soak in the wonder of this beautiful, magnificent place.

 And each day I found I loved going to the woods so much I had to tell people about it. It would slip into conversations about my day. I’d tell one person and then another and then another. By the end of the first week of being home, I found myself inviting others to come explore the woods with me – when we were safe to do so of course.

 I’m sure you’re wondering what walking in the woods has to do with Easter. That’s simple – they both are about sharing something wonderful. Today we celebrate the most wonderful news the world has ever recieved – Jesus is risen. A man who was tortured, crucified, and sealed in a tomb is alive again. It’s beyond extraordinary. And it is the beginning of our faith as Christians.

 When we encounter things that are extraordinary, that are wonderful beyond compare, we can’t help but tell other people. It’s in our nature. It’s what we’re meant to do. It’s like the woods – that encounter was so wonderful, I HAD to tell people about it. I wanted them to know this awesome experience. “But talking about God is so hard,” we might say. “It’s awkward. It doesn’t come naturally.”

 The best part is – it doesn’t have to come naturally. God spread the good news of the resurrection with just a handful of people. They weren’t trained public speakers. They weren’t people of great importance. But they got to have that encounter with Jesus. And that was an experience that they just HAD to share with others.

 That is what God still calls us to do today. To have a personal experience with Jesus Christ. And then to share it with others.

 So for this Easter – while we may not be able to share our Easter dinners or egg hunts or even our Easter services – we can still share Christ. And when it comes down to it, what better thing is there to share at Easter than Him.

                                                                                                                                                                                    -Erin Perkins