Parish Council Minutes (May)

St. Francis de Sales Pastoral Council

Meeting Minutes

May 24, 2016

Attendees: Susan Gallagher, Kathy Glover, Ray Traube, Sylvia Brokos, Iris Hernandez, Carolyn Webster, Alice Long, John Fisher and Deacon Jim Sullivan.

Absent: Erin Perkins, Sally Raphel, Viviana Cajigas, Rob Hardy, Julie Lindner, Mary Ann Palmer, Fr. Jack Ward and Fr. Jaime Garcia.

Order: Ray Traube brought the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

Opening Prayer: The Embracing Our Mission – Shaping our Future prayer was said by all.

Approval of Minutes: The April minutes were approved.

Parish Update

Deacon Jim provided the update:

There was a good response to the request for members for the new liturgy committee.

The budget for FY 2017 is almost completed.  The parish is holding its’ own financially and Deacon Jim has instituted additional cost savings on shipping charges.  There is some concern because Christmas falls on a Sunday this year and the parish loses a Sunday collection.

Kathy Glover asked why there were fewer envelopes for Haiti and Deacon Jim explained that he manipulates the number of envelopes for various items depending on how well funded they may be.

Parish Picnic Planning

          After much discussion, it was decided to call the picnic the “summer gathering” to avoid giving the impression that the Knights would be providing hamburgers, hot dogs, buns and condiments.  (The Knights will be available to man the grills.)  This year, guests will provide their own food and perhaps the parish or Knights will provide drinks.  This should resolve the RSVP issue.  Kathy Glover will contact Kathy Robinson to see if she will coordinate the gathering.

Jubilee Planning Committee Update

The committee met on May 10th.  They will be selling car magnets with the slogan “We are St. Francis de Sales” at upcoming parish events and after Mass.  Susan Gallagher reiterated that there will be no celebratory dinner marking the Jubilee.

Ministry Reports

Connections:  No report.

Faith Formation: No report.

Latino Community: Iris Hernandez reported that there were 8 children who made their First Communions.

Liturgy:  No report.

Parish Life:  No report.

 Service: Carolyn Webster reported:

     Our Daily Bread—72 casseroles.  Call Kathy Batdorf, 410-638-0883, if interested in volunteering.

      Let’s Do Lunch—serves 40 families along Route 40.  Contact Sally Myers, 410-838-3390, if interested in volunteering.

       Homeless Shelter—needs a few people to make lunches every three months.  This takes about 45 minutes in the evening.  If interested in working with the clients, contact Rose or Jerrly Pollis at 443-307-3976.  

       Sharing Table—prepares hot casseroles every 3 months at Prince of Peace.  If interested in volunteering, contact Ken Malecki at 410-515-3735.

      Outreach—for April, saw 160 clients, distributed 159 food bags, assisted 59 families financially.  Liz Hernandez and her team are working to organize the shelving so that the food is rotated by date.

 Stewardship:  John Fisher reported that there was no facilities update.

 Youth:  No report.

Good of the Council: Ray mentioned that he will be changing the agenda adding a section for New Business and Old Business so that members will know (roughly) the items to be discussed and to include disposition of items previously discussed (so as to not lose sight of items discussed).

Council’s Corner:

The council would like to thank all of the parish volunteers for their help with the liturgies and all of the parish events.

The council would like to recognize Edible Arrangements in Box Hill for their continuing donations of fruit for the lunches provided by the parish.

St. Francis Outreach saw 160 clients, distributed 159 food bags and assisted 59 families financially during the combined month of April.

Closing prayer:

Deacon Jim led us in prayer and the meeting was ended with a Hail Mary.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM.

 Respectfully submitted,

Sylvia Brokos