Jubilee – Parish Council

The Pastoral Council of Saint Francis de Sales owes its origin to Father Thomas Phillips.  Father Phillips was appointed Pastor in February, 1985.  As chronicled in the book, The Church on the Hill, by John Potyraj, “Within two weeks of his appointment, Phillips urged the parish to organize itself and presented a plan for it to do so.  The plan called for more active participation in the operational and spiritual mission of the parish.  Through Phillips’ guidance, the community of St. Francis formed its first parish council and developed a constitution and by-laws.  Richard Kutchey, one of the parish’s key financial advisers and current chairman of the fiancé committee, was elected president of the council.”  One of the very first actions of the Council was to approve a financial campaign to build a new church.  As we celebrate this Jubilee Year and mark the 25th anniversary of the ground breaking for the Worship Center on April 19th, 1991, let us remember those original members of the pastoral council, and their vision for the future of our parish community. By Susan Gallagher