Jubilee: William F. Turner and the Etching of SFDS

William F. Turner and the Etching of SFDS

The classic picture of our Stone Chapel by William Turner has an interesting story. It was found by a Jubilee year historian at the Harford County Historical Society in a book entitled Picturesque Harford County: The Artistic Impressions of Wm. F. Turner 1924-1997.  He was born in Brooklyn, New York and lived in several states before settling in Churchville, MD in 1978. He was awarded a Silver Star and 3 Bronze Medals in WW II. Although his grandmother painted and created exquisite embroidery, he did not take up art until his mid years as an avocation after retirement from the business world.  Mr. Turner began publishing pen and ink drawings in the Harford County section of the Baltimore Sun in 1987 regularly until the section was discontinued in 1995. During the time he completed 375 local scenes.  His work has been displayed from Chicago to Germany, at the Maryland State House, the MD World Trade Center and the Medical School of Johns Hopkins University. One of his most satisfying moments was in 1995 when the Mayor of Havre de Grace presented his works to Present Clinton and vice President Gore.

 Over the years, he has freely given communities permission to use his works in a variety of ways. Thus when approached by Fr Chuck in 2013 for purchase of copy of SFDS church etching and permission to use it in note cards and fundraising he readily agreed.

It is with sadness that we learned of his passing on Nov 10, 2016. He was 91 years old and an active member of the Churchville Presbyterian Church, Harford’s Artist Association and many local arts groups. He was a dear gentleman and friend to our Parish. We are so very grateful for his support and contributions to our Jubilee Year.

We are privileged to be offering a framed copy of his work for the Jubilee closing. Tickets are on sale each week at Sunday Masses.