Jubilee Update

Oct 24-25

We often take for granted things right in front of us. We know the name of our Parish, Saint Francis de Sales, but what about the person Francis de Sales? What did he stand for? Was he a great spiritual teacher, a visionary, or a person sometimes popular and other times left behind? What practical wisdom did he pass down to us? Did he have the ability to make the loftiest goals of mystical tradition available to men and women in the everyday workplace? Is he someone you would want as a gentle companion for your spiritual journey?
The Jubilee Year, January 2016-January 2017 hopefully will answer these and many more questions you may have about the man, his beliefs and teachings. Once each month we will feature Francis Facts in this bulletin space. We will come to know his message is not just for priest and nuns but for people with families to feed, clothe and educate. Two hundred and fifty-eight (258) years prior to our parish dedication in his name, Francis de Sales shocked and challenged his peers “that sanctity was not limited to Monks and Nuns”. The purpose of Francis Facts is to open a gate for you that makes accessible the spiritual insight and wisdom of one of history’s most common-sense spiritual teachers, Francis de Sales.
Remember We are St Francis de Sales !