Jubilee: The People of St. Francis Remember-Part VI

The People of St Francis Remember Part VI

FINAL THOUGHTS As we approached the Saint Francis de Sales triple Jubilee Anniversary (original church 150 years, designation as independent parish 50 years, dedication of Worship Center 25 years) Year 2016, we have future looks and final comments by parishioners.

Worry about not enough priests; It was like a second family; Got warm, fuzzy felling being there; God has blessed me so much with being a part of Saint Francis; to the people of SFDS we sing the refrain of “We are the Body of Christ”; How we have grown from 200 to 2500 families and still keep small church feeling; The people are important, we drop everything to deal personally with their needs; A wonderful sense of belonging; This is a parish with wonderful, alive committed involvement of people. So heartening to see the fun members are having that gives meaning to lives. Fr. Patrick told us” it’s our church”, perhaps need to restore continuity & evangelical traditions; Many building needs remain;

Welcome to my faith family in a friendly environment, an awesome place with a lot of awesome people.

We thank the following for their time, devotion and willingness to share.

Charlie & Fran Abell             Bill & Doris Bankert              Helen Suze Callahan Walls

Bob & Nancy Cassilly                        Will & Pat Glassman              Sandy Gill

Bill Hengemihle                      Jo & Andy Ilko                       Dorothy Maas

Mary Mousdale                      Mary Jo Piccolo                     Rose & Jerry Polis

Robert Smith                          Joann Soule                            Beth Taneyhill

Alex & Anita Rodriguez        Richard & Blanche Stine                   

JIF—Megan, Mathew, Emma Sofia, Eleanor


Compiled by: Sally Raphel & Kathy Glover