Jubilee – The People of St. Francis Remember IV

The People of St Francis Remember Part IV

 FAVORITE PASTOR: Fr. Hyle, Fr. Fitzgerald scared me & Fr. Wolfe changed a lot of things; Fr Healy in days when we were a Mission of St. Stephens, not even hands damaged from bottle bomb stopped him; Every Sunday Fr. Fitzgerald preached that10 cents in offertory & 25 in school fund was mandatory; Wife Pat loved Fr. Wolfe; Fr. Hyle and Fr. Fitzgerald sharp contrast in handling matters; Fr. Tom with all his volunteer work; Fr. Mike–you could talk to him about anything,  was very cooperative with any venture, just a wonderful person; Fr. Tom-best, we laid church floor with friend; Fr. Wolfe was very involved with William James Elementary school and sports program;  Remember all pastors since Fr. Wolfe, each had personal style of relating to congregation, strengths, challenges; All brought different gifts, Fr. Tom with his sense of caring for God’s people, volunteer Chaplin for State Police, Fr. Mike’s sense of justice, he had a truly listening, personable manner, Fr. Chuck with his big understanding helpful heart; Fr. Wolfe devoted his life to St. Francis; Fr. Tom worked alongside parishioners with grass cutting, snow removal, building work, brought Parish into Techno era by building computers from parts, built Worship Center & celebrated 1st mass there, a wonderful priest, ahead of his time; Fr. Mike with Education Center, Chapel restoration, Knights Hall project and the many associated challenges; My favorite Fr. Wolfe story “ he was dressed in casual clothes and was pulled over by policeman, he had forgotten his license, hoping the officer would recognize him from his many community activities said” Hello, I’m Fr. Wolfe,  the officer’s response was “ and I’m little Red Riding Hood”;  Fr. Tom gave excellent homilies, very personable;  Fr. Mike, knew his role, created a vision of what we are  as church & had skills to call it forth–administrator par excellence; Fr. Mike and his dog, He was gentle, knew your name, still does; Disappointed when Fr. Chuck was moved, was a turn backward for the parish; Fr. Tom & dedication of Worship Center; we have known Fr. Chuck for 6 years, the longest, really nice guy, always involved; Fr. Mike took time to know me.