Jubilee: People In The Pew

Jubilee-People In The Pew

            For one Sunday a month over the last year, the Jubilee Committee has recognized parishioners who have contributed, many behind the scenes, to our community.  In varied ways over many years, these people have given their time and talents to create an environment where we all can gather in prayer and fellowship.

            The parishioners were all asked the same question, “Why do you sit in the pew?”  Some have spoken of the music at our liturgies, while others pointed to our youth ministry and still others emphasized our commitment to the poor.  However, there was one constant theme of every parishioner who stood and addressed the congregation.  They sit in the pew because of the hospitality and welcoming atmosphere of St. Francis de Sales parish.  They arrived as strangers, established friendships and became part of the St. Francis de Sales family.  We celebrate our joys and share our sorrows.  Together we work, play and pray as a family.   Through good times and bad we find our strength in our faith.  We find our unity in each other.

            We are a ‘roll up your sleeves’ and ‘do whatever it takes’ kind of people.  We work, not for recognition but rather, because it needs to be done.  We do it because it is the right thing to do.

            Such an example has been our Jubilee Co-Chairperson, Susan Gallagher.  Whether it be keeping the Committee constantly informed to selling Jubilee items early or late on Sunday mornings to helping coordinate each Jubilee event, Susan has been the ‘Super Glue’ that has kept the Jubilee Committee together.

            Why do we sit in the pew?  For Susan, like most parishioners, the answer is simple.  Because ‘we’ are St. Francis de Sales!

~Patrick Perkins