Jubilee: Opening the 1991-2016 Time Capsule

Opening the 1991-2016 Time Capsule

It took a village!!   The time capsule was buried at the time of the dedication of the Worship Center to be opened in 2016.

Bill Hengemihle gathered his crew and we met Monday the 12th, shovels ready. Digging was by Bill, Ray Traube, John Campo and Steve B. The top of the 4 feet by 2 1/2 feet concrete vault which was 2 feet down was uncovered and 4 ring handles showed. Since the lid was sealed and judged to weigh 400 pounds it was decided not to try to open it.

We were rescued by Steve Hughes of McComas Funeral Home who came to consult and on Tues morning he had Brian bring a machine and lifted off the top, leaving the vault in the ground. Much to our surprise it was completely full of books, wine, papers, letter from the pastor, Fr. Phillips. Everything was removed by Kathy Glover, Anne Raphel, and Mary Rose and taken by Sandy and I to the Church office to be inventoried. Picture Boards were made of the contents from old and new Capsules.

For the new Time Capsule, it was decided to use an infant vault, 30 by 20 and place it in the existing vault. All materials were either laminated or put in ziploc bags. There were some concerns about security and safety of the project so this new vault was sealed, placed in the old one on Weds morning and the lid was replaced by a different Backhoe machine crew again contracted by Steve Hughes at no cost to the Parish. A plaque was added to the marble marker, ”2nd Time Capsule  2016-2041”.

The old materials were water damaged and moldy, so after donning masks and gloves, Mary Rose and I listed all materials, we kept what was in best shape for you to see at the ceremony on September 17th and other Jubilee Parish Events. It has been a true adventure and would never have happened without the generosity of friends, the Jubilee Committee members, fellow parishioners and Steve Hughes. By Sally Raphel  September 17, 2016                                                                    REMEMBER WE ARE ST. FRANCIS !!