Francis Facts

St Francis was known for his deep faith, profound writings, but also his gentle and sensitive approach to the divisive religious attitudes of his day brought on by the Protestant Reformation.
Sadly, Francis’s father refused to accept his son’s vocation to the priesthood. In 1592 after Francis was awarded his doctorate in law and theology and made a pilgrimage to the well-known Basilica della Santa Casa in Loreto Italy (this is also known as the Shrine of the Holy House). When he returned to the family home and made his intention not to marry known, he signed over his rights to the family succession to his younger brother with the help of the Bishop of Geneva. This was upsetting to his father who had hopes that he would pursue a political-military career.
Francis was ordained to the priesthood in 1953. Upon his ordination the promise of naming him the provost of the cathedral chapter of Geneva was fulfilled. In this new position, Francis was able to enthusiastically evangelize in an area that had become almost entirely Calvinist due to the reformation. Due to the stronghold, the residents had refused to hear Francis’s messages. He was forced to live under guard due to multiple assassination attempts. This absolute failure to be able to reach those under the Calvinist influence brought him to seek strong alliances with Henry IV of France and Pope Clement VIII.