Jubilee – Pastors Part II

1941-1946 Pastorate: Rev. Thaddeus I. Skrzynski, born April, 1896, Norfolk, VA, ordained June 1924. Noteworthy: parents immigrated from Poland, first non-Irish pastor in 49 years; died Dec.11, 1956. 1946-1957 Most Rev. Michael W. Hyle, born Oct 13, 1901, Baltimore MD, ordained March, 1927, Noteworthy: youngest of 3 children, fifth Bishop of Wilmington, DE, attended all of the Second Vatican Council & implemented Council’s reforms with parish councils and worked to end segregation; Died December 26, 1967. 1956-1963 RT. Rev. Msgr. Austin Healy, born July, 1910, Baltimore MD, ordained June, 1936, Noteworthy: “He was a champion for social justice”, was arrested protesting segregation, opened Dismas House, started the Urban Commission of the Archdiocese, named Monsignor in 1963. He had a special knack of making everyone feel important. Died Feb 12, 1993. 1963-1973 Rev. Edward T. Sargus, born Feb,1913, Ohio, ordained June 8, 1939. Noteworthy: First generation Syrian-American; jokester & storyteller. Died Aug. 19, 2004. 1964-1984 Rev. Maurice J. Wolf, born March, 1918, Washington, DC; Ordained June ,1944. Died Dec. 12, 1984. Noteworthy: First pastor of independent SFDS Parish 1964; “a legend in his time”, built Kilduff Hall paid cash; loved the children; headed Centennial celebration. 1984-1997 Rev. Thomas L. Phillips, born July, 1944, ordained May, 1971. Noteworthy: Built the Worship Center; Chaplain for MD State Police since 1987; reinforced foundation of Stone Chapel, in parish picnic dunking booth, oversaw Sader Meals, Senior Prom by Youth; a former Eagle Scout developed the BALTIMORE CATHOLIC HISTORIC TRAIL, serves on Archdiocese Building Commission. 1998-2006 Rev. Michael Schluepner, born August, 1946, Baltimore, MD; ordained May, 1972. Noteworthy: Archdiocese Chancellor, 1979-1989; Conducted SFDS first capital campaign, restored Stone chapel to beautiful working order; built the Education Center. 2006-2015 Rev. Charles Wible, born Jan, 1961, Baltimore, MD; ordained May, 1996. Noteworthy: Refurbished the Worship Center, initiated the Embracing Our Mission Campaign. Favorites, music ministry, off-site parish picnics, outreach program, youth community and diversity opportunities. 2015-Present Rev. John B. Ward, born August, 1951, New Orleans, LA; ordained May, 1986. Noteworthy: Judge, Tribunal of the Archdiocese of Baltimore ; Instructor in Canon Law, Mount St. Mary’s Seminary ; member St. Thomas More Catholic Lawyers Society; Pastor of Prince of Peace & SFDS Parishes. WE ARE ST FRANCIS and blessed to have been led by such outstanding Pastors.