From The Deacon’s Desk October 3, 2021

Dear Friends,

As I pondered the readings for this weekend I was continually drawn to Genesis 2:18 to 24. It’s the first reading for this Sunday. The Genesis reading for today comes from the end of the story about God creating the earth and all that is on it. God offers Adam numerous partners, birds, wild animals, and cattle to be partners for him. None of the things God made so far made Adam happy. It wasn’t until God made woman that Adam was truly satisfied. Perhaps it was because the woman God gave Adam was very much like him. Maybe it was because Adam could speak to Eve and truly relate to her and she to him. Maybe it was because Adam could be with his new wife and she could be with him. Perhaps for Adam and Eve this was the first example of God’s love for them and his people. I guess we won’t know (until we get to heaven) how Adam and Eve felt when they found each other for the first time.

Today might be a good day to say to someone close to us how much we appreciate them and whatever they do for us. It could be a husband or wife, or someone we are close to, it could be a good friend, a brother or sister, a mom or dad or anyone we have a relationship with. Today might be a good day to thank God for the gift he gave us of each other; as it is in each other that we find God and the love he has given to each one of us.

Peace and All and Good,

Deacon Jim