From The Deacon’s Desk for December 19, 2021

Dear Friends:

Today’s Gospel is one that’s always been very special to me. It’s from Luke 1:39 to 45. It’s the story of Mary going to see her cousin Elizabeth who, although barren due to old age, is pregnant with John the Baptist. I’m sure Mary had two reasons for wanting to visit Elizabeth. First of all, Mary is now pregnant and probably would like someone to talk to about their shared pregnancies.  Second, Mary, being a good and generous person, would want to spend some time with her cousin who is probably in her sixth or seventh month and could use a little help around the house.

When Mary gets there she gets a surprise. Elizabeth and the baby in her womb both immediately recognize that Mary is carrying the baby Jesus. I’m sure this was an affirmation of what the angel told Mary the day he visited her and she agreed to be the mother of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I’m sure Mary was still reeling from the fact that an angel appeared to her and the profound message the angel gave her.

What can we possibly take from this Gospel? I think perhaps we might be surprised by how God works in our lives. How many times has God sent us messages or asked us to do something and we missed the message? God speaks to us in many ways. The trick is to make sure we are always open to what he says or asks us to do.

Mary was carrying the son of God; Elizabeth was pregnant even though she had reached the age of no longer being able to get pregnant. I wonder what God might be trying to say to us day after day?

Have a very Merry Christmas and listen carefully; you never know when God will be speaking to you!

Peace and All Good!

Deacon Jim