From the Deacon’s Desk 7/26/2020

Dear Friends:

Today’s Gospel is once again from Matthew 13: 44-52. Jesus uses two parables today to explain the immense worth of the kingdom of heaven. Jesus is trying to tell us that attaining the kingdom of heaven is more important than anything we can imagine. He uses the example of a person who finds treasure in a field. As you remember the person goes and sells everything he owns in order to buy that field, hence taking possession of everything in that field. Once the field is owned, the treasure belongs to the owner. The second parable is similar. A merchant finds a pearl of great price. He too sells everything he has to buy it.

The message of course is the kingdom of heaven is worth everything we do to obtain it. Sometimes we get bogged down with everyday life. Life is difficult, there is no doubt about that, but Jesus gives us hope. He promises once again that this life is only a journey on the way to eternal glory with him, the Father, and the Holy Spirit.

The cost of Jesus’ promise cannot be measured in worldly goods! The cost of Jesus’ promise is measured in loyalty, generosity, gentleness and love. We will have to make withdrawals from our very selves. We will have to invest in a life that is different from other people. We will have to invest in those around us. We will have to share in the love that God has given us!

I know I beginning to sound like a broken record but it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that all of us pray for the Lord to remove the Corona virus from our world. Prayer can do all things!!!

Peace and All Good!

Deacon Jim