A Moment with Msgr. Woy 2/20/22

Dear Friends,

This is an announcement weekend for the Annual  Appeal for Catholic Ministries – Let us Give Thanks to the Lord Our God. Normally, I would be preaching at all the Masses this weekend, asking for your support of the Appeal. However, as you read this message, I will be in the mountains of  Western Maryland on winter break. 

We, as Catholics, are unique in that we belong to a larger church whose mission and scope reaches well beyond our parish boundaries. As Catholics of the  Archdiocese of Baltimore, we are part of a  community of 500,000 Catholics who live in a geography that spans from the western shores of the Chesapeake Bay to the far reaches of Western Maryland. This annual appeal provides the necessary resources that permit the Church to care for many people, some of whom are the neediest of our brothers and sisters. Your support of this year’s appeal helps make possible the good word of   Catholic Charities and the St. Vincent DePaul Society; tuition assistance for poor children to attend a Catholic school; priest-chaplains at major hospitals; campus ministers at colleges and universities; respect-life ministry; and the training of future priests, to name just a few. The Annual Appeal supports the pastoral and spiritual works of the church that have no other means of support other than our generosity.

Each parish receives a rebate for every dollar donated by its parishioners. Our rebate this year will be used to update our websites, which are so important in today’s world of social media. I ask that you prayerfully consider making a gift to the Appeal. You will have the opportunity to make a gift at the next weekend’s Masses (Appeal Giving    Weekend). You may also donate online at the web address below. I am grateful for your consideration of this important appeal.

For more information about the Appeal and the many ministries it supports, visit the Archdiocesan webpage at www.archbalt.org.

Have a Good Week!

Msgr. Woy