Weekly Reflection 8/18/19


I turn my face to you, O Lord,

Source of all light, Source of all living.

Small though I may be, Meager my offerings,

I stretch out my arms to offer You

All that I have, all that I am

Though my soul be weak and weary,

Bent by heat and wind and rain,

I am your humble servant, Lord.

May my simple gifts be pleasing in your sight.

Guide my growth with gentle hands, O Lord.

Feed me full with your sustaining light.

Quench my thirst, O radiant Life-giver.

Raise me to thrive, steady and sure,

On your infinite love and mercy.

And when, at last, my little life

has passed again to earth,

Gather me to your heart and set me at your table, that I gaze forever, Lord

O Light, O Love, O Infinite Life –

On your ever glorious face.


By Julie L. Rattey