Weekly Reflection 3/10/19


MARCH 10, 2019

    BB p. 81


               The head and heart don’t always like to agree on things. In theory they do, but reality can be a lot more challenging, whether in spiritual matters or the mundane matters of every day life.  I can get up every morning and know that I should spend time in prayer.  And yet day after day I hit the snooze button, preferring the comfort that more sleep may bring.  My head knows that prayer would deepen my life with our Beloved God. We’re reminded today that we are to believe in our heart that Jesus is Lord and to confess it with our mouth and lives.  But what I say doesn’t always mirror what is going on in my heart.

                 Only in prayer will we find the common thread that can join head and heart. No words or promises will hold any weight in our being unless and until they are grounded in God.  God first.  God alone.  Once we make that our path, all the others will fade away and we will be in sync with ourselves and with our God.  In this season of Lent, do your best to bring the hopes in your heart and the words in your head to God and ask for the strength to live what you say and say what you know in your heart to be good and true.

                Jesus invites us to turn away from whatever inhibits our full flourishing. The challenge becomes to see myself and the other as God’s beloved.  We are called to practice justice, fairness, relief of the lot of poor ones, gentleness even with those who are not gentle, to be merciful, and to choose hope in the midst of violence and hatred.  Let us make our yearning for the joining of mind and heart become more real by asking our loving God:” Loving Father, our love for you courses through our heart and soul, and yet often our outward lives don’t reflect that love.  Give us courage to confess with our mouths and actions the unconditional love and mercy you offer each one of us.”

                                  ~     Beth Taneyhill