Weekly Reflection 1/5/20

Epiphany of the Lord


January 4-5, 2020


            Around the world today, the figures of the three Kings finally arrive at the crèches of our churches and in our homes. For many, the figurines at home will be packed away before the end of the day. The story of the Wise Men is the last of the nativity narrative. It is one that captures our imagination; three men dressed in colorful robes and carrying unique gifts in elaborate containers following a mysterious star through the desert night.

            Their story is much more complicated than our romanticized version. Studying the scripture and stars, these astrologers and interpreters of signs were convinced that the Emmanuel had been born in the town of Bethlehem. The star shining in the west confirmed their belief.

            At that point they could have written their findings in a manuscript and remained in the safety of their present life. Yet, when confronted with such a sign, these three men were called to action. They were called to follow that star no matter where it lead. No matter the terrain or the danger, they had to see it through to the journey’s end.

            We know of the magi’s adventure with Herod, their presentation of gifts to the Christ Child, the warning and return home by another route. We do not know of the daily obstacles, both physically and spiritually that confronted them on their quest. They must have faced doubt and fatigue along the way, yet they persevered. They were not disappointed upon seeing the Child, for they prostrated themselves, did Him homage and offered Him their gifts.

            How great a sign would it take for us to have an epiphany? What manifestation of God’s love is required for us to follow the Light of Christ? How often have we begun our journey of faith only to abandon it due to distraction, doubt or fatigue?

            You do not have to travel alone. Join your St. Francis de Sales family as we follow our star, Jesus Christ, the Lord!

                                                                                                 – Patrick J. Perkins