Weekly reflection 1/26/20


Third Sunday In Ordinary Time

January 25-26, 2020

We have been called:

  • By our mothers – to wake up in the morning
  • By the teacher – to solve the problem on the blackboard
  • By our friends – to chat on the phone
  • By the cashier at the take-out counter – to come pick-up our order
  • By God – to carry out his plan for our life

Whoa; wait a minute – what was that?

            A few years ago, I had a spiritual director who worked out of a retreat center called “Jesus House.” So I added Jesus House to the contact list on my cell phone. One day, my adult daughter was scrolling through my contact list and she stumbled upon Jesus House. She looked at me in disbelief and said, “You have Jesus in your contact list? Of course, you do! Doesn’t everybody?! Come on, Mom, is this a joke or what?” To this day, my family still teases me about my direct line with Jesus.

            Of course, we all have a direct line with Jesus. It’s called prayer. We can call on Him anytime, anywhere, for any reason. He loves to hear from us. The challenge comes with the other side of the conversation. What if Jesus wants to call us? How does he get through? What does he need to do to get our attention?

God is calling each of us to help him in some way. He calls us through the Holy Spirit who lives in us by virtue of our baptism – that still, small voice that we try so hard to ignore. He calls us through his Word in Scripture – if we take time to read and meditate on it. He calls us through other people who reach out to us for help for themselves or others – but we are so busy; how can we do one more thing?

            Let us make some time to listen for God. Let us open our ears, and our hearts, and our minds to God’s plan for our lives. God is calling us; and that’s one call we don’t want to miss!

                                                                                                                                                                                             -Kathleen Foehrkolb