Weekly Reflection 01/17/2021


The Second Sunday In Ordinary Time

January 16-17, 2021


There is a scene early in the television series, “The West Wing” when Josh goes to see his friend Sam, who is working as an attorney at a prestigious Manhattan law firm, to tell him about a dark horse candidate for president.  Josh tells Sam that he has to come to see this relatively unknown governor of New Hampshire, Josiah Bartlett.  Sam is convinced when his friend confides in him that this man is the ‘real deal.’

It is that same kind of passion, but even more, that possesses Andrew when he goes to his brother Simon to tell him of the new preacher from Nazareth.  What did Andrew see that would make him tell his brother, “We have found the Messiah”?  What was it about Andrew that made Simon go with him to see Jesus?  Though scripture does not tell us, we can imagine the exuberance and commitment in Andrew’s message after experiencing Christ.

What has inspired us to the point that we must share something with others?  It may have been a business opportunity or investment.  Maybe we are passionate about a sports team, hobby or an organization.  We are so committed to certain ideals or lifestyle that it determines with whom we associate and how we spend our time.

Why then do so many of us fail to expend the same energy or show the same resolve concerning our faith?  If we truly believe that Jesus is our Savior why isn’t He the most central figure in our life?  Why do we not emulate Christ in every part of our life rather than compartmentalizing our Lord.

We are called just as Samuel was in the First Reading or Peter and Andrew in the Gospel.  Our response should be the same, “Here I am Lord.”  In moving forward as disciples we must leave behind any hatred and animosity we hold for individuals or groups of people.  We must embrace peace, justice and non-violence.  We must serve and protect those less fortunate and marginalized.

In short, to follow Christ we must be Christ-like all of the time and in everything.

Patrick J. Perkins