Weekly Reflection 01/03/2021


The Epiphany Of The Lord

January 2-3, 2021


We often get caught up in all of the trappings of this feast day.  The Magi have evolved into wise men or Kings.  Their Crèche figures are always the most elaborate, as are the costumes for the persons portraying them in Nativity plays.  The central characters of the feast have become the men from the East and not the babe in Bethlehem.

However, there is a reason the church calls this day “The Epiphany of The Lord” and not “Three Kings’ Day.”  An Epiphany is a manifestation, revelation or enlightenment.  To have an ‘epiphany’ is to suddenly have a realization of the true meaning of something.

We have all had that moment in our life, when the fog lifts and the meaning or answer becomes clear.  It is as if the light bulb in our brain comes on.  The epiphany we are talking about today is when we, like the Magi, recognize Jesus as God and Savior.  It is not enough that we say it with words, we must believe it deep in our soul.  Has Christ revealed Himself to us?

Where do we find the Lord?  While the astrologers looked to the stars, the signs for us are all around.  We may find Him in great moments or in every day experiences, and in the people who are part of our life or those who merely pass through.

However, if we have seen the signs, we must journey to wherever our ‘star’ leads us.  We may not have to cross deserts but our journey may still be a difficult one, fraught with obstacles.  Yet, if we persevere we will find the New Born King, sometimes in the most surprising places and ways.

If we search with our hearts, we will behold the manifestation of Jesus as our Lord as did the Wise Men in Bethlehem.  Not a King to rule over us, but one who will walk beside us He calls us to follow His example of love, mercy, service and sacrifice.

On this day and every day let us pay homage to the Lord and offer Him our own unique gifts.  If and when our faith waivers, let us look to the Star to guide us.  Our Epiphany is that the only true light in our life is the Light of Christ.


Patrick J. Perkins