St. Francis de Sales Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes October 27, 2015

Attendees: John Fisher, Iris Hernandez, Bill Bankert, Julie Lindner, Sylvia Brokos, Rob Hardy, Ray Traube, Deacon Jim Sullivan, Sally Raphel, Susan Gallagher, Kathy Glover, Carolyn Webster, and Father Jack Ward.

Absent: Mary Ann Palmer, Alice Long, Viviana Cajigas, Father Garcia, Erin Perkins

Order: Susan Gallagher brought the meeting to order at 7:08 PM.

Opening Prayer: The Embracing Our Mission – Shaping our Future prayer was said by all.

Approval of Minutes:

  • The August minutes were approved as written.
  • The September minutes were approved as written.

Parish Update

Father Jack is very grateful for the placement of the statues in church.  There have been many positive comments to the same effect.

Thanks to the 4th Degree Knights of Columbus Council and our local Father Wolfe Council, we will be placing a papal flag and an American flag inside the Worship Center.  We will be celebrating this on Sunday November 8th at the 9am Mass.

There will be a Saint Francis de Sales & Prince of Peace Pastoral Councils & Staff Get-together at the Prince of Peace Parish Hall on November 5th at 7:00 PM.

St. Francis de Sales Technology Committee

The website has been launched!  Other than a little bit of tweaking here and there the website will continue on without much more committee intervention.

We are now evaluating other projects that can be tackled.  There are at least 3-4 things that have been mentioned and we’ll have more updates next month.

Jubilee Planning Committee

The Jubilee Committee is very excited about the progress that is being made toward the Jubilee year.  The Christmas balls have already been ordered and things are falling into place.  We hope to have a representative from each group around Church to show up to the November meeting.

The time capsule will be dug up soon.  It will cost roughly $1000 to reseal for the next time it is dug up.





Ministry Reports


Mary Ann Palmer was absent and no report was read.


Faith Formation:

Julie Lindner was absent but the report is as follows:

  • EFF classes are collecting “Coats for Kids” and School supplies for the needy.  So far we have collected 6 bags of coats and one large box of school supplies.

Upcoming Events

  • Keep Christ in Christmas poster contest will kick off in November.  Winners will be selected at KC Kids Christmas party December 5th.
  • Moved down in priority but still on the radar – Revamp/reevaluate CLOW sessions
  • Faith Formation Child Safety Plan – ON HOLD need to look into automated call software.  Once identified we will need to develop a fundraising plan to cover the costs.


Latino Community:

Iris Hernandez reported that there was no report.



Sylvia Brokos reported:

Laura Mattheiss will be starting the 40 boxes for Lent project once more.  People will donate or purchase a box of food; each box will help feed a family of four for about a week. The Pastoral Council will support two boxes.  A collection was taken at this meeting and will happen again at the November meeting.


Parish Life:

Rob Hardy reported:

Girl Scouts

  • Several GS Leader trainings have taken place in October.

Upcoming Events

  • November 1 GS Host Donut Social
  • November 7 GS Juliet Gordon Low birthday party in Kilduff.


  • Surveys were handed out at the last couple bingos and the results are in. People are looking for newer more exciting food.  Salads have been bought from Giovanni’s and a revamped menu for the upcoming year will be available shortly.
  • We’re still looking for someone to take over bingo. Contact if you’re interested.

Knights of Columbus

  • The Knights will be holding their annual Memorial Mass on November 7th.

K of C Ladies Auxiliary

  • The Ladies will be having a having a holiday luncheon bingo on November 21st.



Carolyn Webster was absent but her report is as follows:

Our Daily Bread:

  • Casserole returns have been low through summer but with fall ahead we are looking forward to more each month.
  • Received 91 casseroles during the month of September.
  • Please remember these are easy to make. Suggest to friends and parishioners that they can also donate Stouffers Lasagna Family size.
  • Anyone interested in helping with this contact Kathy Batdorf at 410-638-0883 or

Let’s Do Lunch:

  • Moving along needs snack packs, water, juice and easy to eat packs. Anyone interested in helping deliver these lunches along Route 40 should call Sally Myers @ 410-836-3390.

Homeless Shelter:

  • Lunches are made every three months and it is fun and quick.
  • We need volunteers to make lunches one evening a quarter. Anyone interested in sitting to chat, watch TV, or play games is welcomed.  Call Jerry and Rose Pollis.

Sharing Table:

  • Ken Malecki is in charge as they serve a hot chicken/rice casserole in afternoon every 3 months over at Prince of Peace Church hall. Everyone has a good time.


  • The month of September saw 197 clients, distributed 192 food bags and assisted 85 families financially.
  • A nice retreat was given by Deacon Jim on October 10. The Knights Ladies are donating money for at least 100 turkeys to be given by vouchers for Wegmans for an 18 -20 lb turkey.  These will be given on Thursday Nov 19 & Saturday Nov 21.
  • The pantry is holding up with minimal purchasing from Wegmans. All donations are welcomed.
  • The Children’s Toy giveaway for Christmas will be Saturday, December 12 from 8:30am-10:30am. Names of the 100 children will be starting November 7 until the number is reached.  Gifts are being collected in Narthex for babies – up to 12 y/o.  No plush animals.
  • Outreach will then close until January 7, 2016.



John Fisher reported:

Collections are up after Father Jack and Deacon Jim had their talks at Mass.

On the facilities side, the rails for the baptismal font have been ordered.  Over the next couple weeks the rails will be installed but we need help.  The topic will be deferred to Lee Eder and Facilities.



Viviana Cajigas was absent but her report was read:

  • Create a tile – movement is slow, but I am not giving up yet.  Need 30 tiles to make a cross of tiles on the 2nd floor hallway!
  • The middle school leadership is taking off!  The team has planned and will lead the Boo Barn and Creepy Kilduff games at Trunk or Treat.  We have a very strong MS leadership team and strong support from parents.  Events have been planned at Prince of Peace and Holy Spirit!
  • MS Leadership made turkeys to place on the Thanksgiving baskets being given out at Prince of Peace.
  • Youth Council – They met on Oct 16 and mapped out the entire haunted hallway for Trunk or Treat.
  • October 9th corn maze was rained out
  • A Taste of Latin America was a huge success, raising $2900.  A special thanks to all the Latino families who donated all the delicious food!  Also thanks to all those who attended and made it such a success.

Upcoming Events

  • October 28 – Talk to your kids before Heroin does – Presentation to be held at Edgewood Middle.  I want to bring the presentation to SFDS.
  • October 30 – Trunk or Treat
  • November 6 – Dinner Bingo Ticket Sale slow
  • November 8,15,22 – Bags of Plenty at all Masses
  • November 13 – HS Adoration
  • November 15 – Sending Rite for those attending NCYC
  • November 19 – MS Leadership offering crafts at SFDS Outreach turkey pickup
  • November 19-22 NCYC!!





Good of the Council:

The suggestion box has not received any suggestions yet.  It has been announced and put in a prominent place.  Questions were raised about what else we can do to encourage suggestions.  Father Garcia mentioned that previously people had suggested that we have a bilingual Mass and that went over with great support.  Father Garcia brought up the idea of making the Lady of Guadalupe ceremony on December 12th into a separate Mass.  The idea was debated a bit before our by-laws deferred it to the Liturgy committee.  The Pastoral Council is supportive of Father’s idea and would like to pass the idea on to the Liturgy committee.  A couple of options will be researched before being formally suggested.

Father Jack stated that we have a problem that was brought up at the incorporator’s meeting.  Several people have asked what has happened to Embracing Our Mission Five Year Plan.  Currently we are at a stalemate of not having enough money.  It was suggested that we bring it up to the parish and frame it around the current financial situation.  We would like to take the money that has been given and find in what way we can use it in good faith even if we are not able to completely finish the project.  A sub-committee will be established to bring some suggestions to Father Jack next month.

The arrows in the parking lot have become an issue as there have been some near misses.  We would like to encourage people to follow the directional arrows that provide traffic flow until the planned improvements to the parking lot can come to fruition.


Council’s Corner:

We would like to thank Wegmans, the Knights of Columbus and the Ladies Auxiliary for their continued support of St. Francis Outreach and our Parish ministries year round.

We would like to express our condolences for the passing of Deacon Jim’s sister.

St. Francis Outreach saw 197 clients, distributed 192 food bags and assisted 85 families financially during the month of September.


Closing Prayer:

Iris prepared a closing prayer and it was said by all present.  At the conclusion, the meeting was adjourned at 8:06 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Rob Hardy