Reflection Christmas



December 25, 2019

     What brings so many of us together for Christmas mass? Is it the keeping of a family tradition that requires your presence here? Or are you here with young children beginning a new tradition? Is it the singing of beloved carols or reuniting with old friends that finds you in a pew? Or is going to mass on Christmas a natural extension of your regular Sunday church attendance?

    I believe that whatever the reason we give for coming to church on Christmas, there may be a deeper reason. Inside each of us, there is a calling from Christ. He is the personification of God’s love for us; beginning in a humble stable in the town of Bethlehem. It is that message of love that gives us hope. Hope for forgiveness, for the chance to begin again and ultimately, for salvation.

    Here at St. Francis de Sales parish we celebrate the love of our Lord every day of the year. You are invited to join us or, if you are already a parishioner, you are invited to become more active in our faith community. Our bulletin and website is filled with opportunities and services that are available to you. If you have a need or a question, feel free to give us a call! As our mission statement reminds us, “God calls us to be a welcoming, worshipping, caring community of faith, hope and love. Through His Spirit, the Lord Jesus lives in us and reaches into the world with His saving message and healing love.”

    Join us as we share the Joy!

                                                                                        St. Francis de Sales Parish