Jubilee – Parish Activities

The Fr. Maurice J. Wolfe Knights of Columbus Council #11372 (named after our first Pastor) at St. Francis de Sales was just a gleam in Ed Colvin’s eye in 1993. Ed was an employee of SFDS at the time, and he, with the assistance of Ray Traube, Bill Hengemihle and others, worked tirelessly for over a year (53 weeks to be exact) to obtain the number (31) of charter members required to start a council. The Fr. Maurice J. Wolfe Council was instituted in May of 1994, with Ed Colvin as the Charter Grand Knight and his wife, Connie Colvin, as Charter President of the K of C Ladies. Here we are 21 years later and the Council is 300 members strong and growing. The Council is involved in the Bingo, assisting Outreach, assisting with funds to the Religious Ed Program and provides support to the parish wherever it needs help. The Council holds roasts, spaghetti dinners, pancake breakfasts and other fundraisers to provide assistance for many charities, a scholarship program and Charity Corp. The Knights of Columbus are dedicated to Family, Church, Council, Community, Youth and Right to Life activities, and hold an activity in each of these areas quarterly. It has been honored at the State level, winning numerous awards for activity areas and achieved the distinction of being named the No. 1 State Council and winning First and Second Degree Teams in the State of Maryland. Some time ago, the Council converted the once two-car garage into the Knights Hall. This provided the parish with much needed additional meeting space. It helped make the Council more visible to the Parish and reminds the parishioners that the Knights are a strong presence. The parishioners of SFDS have been wonderful supporters of the Fr. Wolfe Council. It is our hope that the Council will continue to grow in membership and that, together with our Knights Ladies and soon to be reinstituted youth program, the Squires, we can provide even more help and outreach to nourish our Family, our Church, our Community, our Council, and our Youth.
by Ed Colvin and Ray Traube REMEMBER WE ARE ST.FRANCIS!