Jubilee: How to describe our Blessed Saint

How to describe our Blessed Saint

The definition of prolific according to Google is: productive, creative, inventive, fertile (of an artist, author, or composer) producing many works; Present in large numbers or quantities; plentiful. Synonyms would be: plentiful, abundant, bountiful, profuse, copious, luxuriant, rich, lush.  There is now doubt that St Francis de Sales was a prolific inspired writer. Personally, I have treasured many of his insights that I have read or heard quoted including the one below.

“Always be impartial and just in your deeds. Put yourself into your neighbor’s place, and him in yours, and then you will judge fairly . . . Frequently, therefore, examine your heart, whether it is so disposed towards your neighbor, as you would have his disposed towards you, were you to change places; for this is the true test.” — St. Francis de Sales, AN EXCERPT FROM Introduction to the Devout Life.

Your refection for today, if you choose, is to compose your own definition of St. Francis de Sales and what words best describe him for you.                           REMEMBER WE ARE ST. FRANCIS !!!!