From the Deacon’s Desk 9/6/2020

Dear Friends:

Our Gospel reading today from Matthew 18:15-20 talks about forgiveness. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the theme of forgiveness comes up continually in much of the Old and New Testament writings. Jesus continually speaks to us of forgiving people. Forgiveness very well may be one of the virtues that is essential for us to possess if we’re going to get into heaven.

Notice in today’s Gospel that Jesus lays out a program for forgiveness. The beginning of the reading tells us that, if we have an issue with another, we should try to reconcile with them alone. If they listen, it’s finished; but if not, we must begin to gather witnesses to resolve in the early stages of the disagreement. If not, however, we must tell the church and get the membership involved. If the person still will not reconcile, then they are to be treated as “a Gentile or tax collector.” Even the Gentile and tax collector have a right to be offered reconciliation.

Many times I have I preached about forgiveness and how important it is for us to forgive each other. The important thing to remember about forgiveness is that it does not necessarily mean we will have a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. We may still be suffering the pain of whatever wrong was done against us. What we must try to do is make a decision to forgive the person who has harmed us. The pain may still be there, but by making a decision to forgive, we are asking the Lord to help us accept the weakness of another person. That, my dear friends, is truly forgiveness!

Peace and All Good!

Deacon Jim

I think that we are starting to make progress in our battle against Covid 19. The key now is to try not to become too comfortable. We must remain diligent and follow the directions our leaders ask of us. We can beat this virus but we must not relax just yet. That time is on the way but for now we MUST keep trying our best to do what is good for all!