From the Deacon’s Desk 9/1/19

Dear Friends:

Our reading from Sirach 3:17-18, 20, 18-29 is all about humility. We also find an invitation to be humble in our Gospel reading from Luke 14:1, 7- 14. Humility in the Gospel today is presented to us in the form of not being so concerned about where we are in any particular situation. What Luke is trying to say is not to worry so much about where we are but to do the best we can with where we’ve landed. Did you ever stop to think about why Sirach, Luke and other writers of Scripture encourage us to be humble? We hear it regularly throughout the Scriptures. I think God is trying to tell us through the Scripture writers that humility is a virtue we should embrace.

Why is humility so important? If we are humble, does it mean we are to be doormats and let everyone walk all over us? I believe humility is important, but to be humble does not mean we let everyone take advantage of us. Humility is practicing charity, so are we willing to let someone else take the credit for something we’ve done? Our natural reaction is to be angry and upset. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just let all the credit go and know in our hearts that we did the best we could? This very well may be a charitable act for the person receiving the credit and the one giving it to them also. They will not be embarrassed because we are not going to make an issue of it! Wouldn’t that be the charitable thing to do? It sure doesn’t sound like being doormats to me!

As I mentioned earlier, being humble does not mean we become doormats. God has enough doormats. When the situation demands, we must stand up and be heard, defending ourselves or others. We are called to be charitable and loving even to those who steal the credit for our good deeds. You see, my friends, to be humble is more than just to practice humility, it is a way to love those around us!

Peace and All Good!

Deacon Jim