From the Deacon’s Desk 7/5/2020

Dear Friends:

Today our Gospel reading is from Matthew 11: 25-30. It’s only five verses long, but the message here is very strong. The Gospel opens with Jesus giving praise to his Father. Jesus tells us the Father has given all things to the “little ones.” This is because those who think they are learned and wise have missed the message God has been trying to get to them from the beginning. The Jewish books of the Bible have much to offer both them and us. Their pride has kept them from seeing what God really wanted for them.

Jesus goes on to say that all who labor and are burdened should come to him. He will give them rest. He encourages them to learn from him as he is meek and humble. If they do, they will find rest. He is addressing those who were downtrodden, those who no one wanted, and those who seemed useless and unwanted. Surprise to those who are full of themselves!! God is more interested in those who are meek and humble.

Isn’t this a great reading? Isn’t it great to know that God wants to be close to the meek and humble? Isn’t it great to know that there is a place for us with God? God’s love is simple and pure. We only have to be willing to live as he wants us to in order to partake of his love! That our worth is much more than we can describe. It’s a gift that is so great it’s hard for us to comprehend.

Friends pray that we will do our part, whatever that is, to alleviate social unrest in our country and in our world! Prayer would be a good place to start.

Peace and All Good!

Deacon Jim