From the Deacon’s Desk 3/8/2020

Dear Friends:

Today’s Gospel from Matthew 17:1-9 is one of the most famous Gospel readings we have. It’s the story of Jesus’ Transfiguration before Peter, James and John. When Jesus brings these three disciples to the top of the mountain, we know that something special is about to happen. In most cases, when God talks to his people it is on a high mountain. Today’s story is no exception.

Notice what happens. When they get to the top of the mountain Jesus is “transfigured before them; his face shone like the sun and his clothes became white as light.” Then to add for the auspices of this occasion Moses and Elijah appear to them. They are conversing with Jesus. What Matthew is trying to tell those he was writing to is that nothing has really changed. The same message God had for his people from the beginning of time still holds true. Jesus came to explain where the Israelites have gone astray. In many cases they have missed the true message of God the Father.

Peter offers to set up three tents, one for Moses one for Elijah and one for Jesus. Peter is trying to hold onto this great moment. He knows something special has happened here and he wants to grasp it and not let go. The problem is that this is not what Jesus was sent there for. He was sent to deliver a message from God himself and go back to be with his Father.

We too can be transfigured and transformed. As a matter of fact, that is what Lent is all about. Perhaps today we can spend a few moments thinking about how we can allow the Lord to transform us too! With his guidance we can change for the better, and we might be surprised to see that because we change, others change too!

Peace and All Good!

Deacon Jim