Weekly Reflections for June 18, 2023

Summer is in full swing – school is out – and it’s a wonderful time for us to focus on our faith as a family. In 2017 Pope Francis described summer as a period where “students are free from scholastic duties and many families are taking their vacation; it’s important that in the time of rest and detachment from daily concerns, they can re-energize the forces of body and spirit, deepening their spiritual path.” During the summer, when I feel more than ever we seek to balance our professional life and our personal lives, when we take time off from work to rejuvenate and restore mental health that we do not neglect our spiritual health. I’m not sure what that looks like for all of you, but for me – this summer my eldest will participate in Vacation Bible School. And when she comes home talking about the Jedi master’s lesson of the day, my husband and I will welcome the conversation. We’ll work with her to reinforce the lesson adn draw deeper conclusions. Another thing we will do this summer is maintain our Mary garden and visit the ocean, put our toes in the sand and thank the Lord for the beauty of nature. We will do our best to rejuvenate while we remember to be thankful for all of the gifts around us.

Also, as we celebrate Father’s Day, honoring and thanking our dads, let us remember to ask Saint Joseph for his intercession on behalf of all dads and that his holy example will continue to be an inspiration to all fathers.


Ashley Letsche

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